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prostheic foot cover

there are so many different circumstances that can lead to a missing foot, there are also numerous kinds of prosthetic foot. A prosthetic foot may attach to a person's ankle or calf and, therefore, compensate for a completely missing foot. Sometimes, instead of being attached to a leg, the foot is attached to another prosthesis that is replacing a leg. A prosthetic foot may also attach to a remaining part of a person's foot and simply compensate for the missing parts.

Because of the different materials used to make the prosthetic foot, the prosthetic foot is divided into a polyurethane prosthetic foot and a carbon fiber prosthetic foot. Polyurethane prosthetic foot is divided into SACH prosthetic foot and Dynamic prosthetic foot because of different patient needs. Carbon fiber prosthetic foot is divided into K1, K2, K3, K4 and other criteria according to different levels of patient activity. Patients can choose their own suitable prosthetic foot according to their needs.

Carbon storage feet, feet, suitable for a variety of domestic and imported prosthetic foot set storage.

Different artificial feet, feet, feet, sleeve may be different, please consult before buying.

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Foot  Cover





  22-28 CM

   40 USD