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A good pair of orthopedic EVA insoles can relieve foot pain

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A good pair of orthopedic EVA insoles can relieve foot pain

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According to the Research Report of the American Association of foot and ankle orthopedics, the number of women who suffer from foot pain is about 9 times that of men. The reason for this is not only that the shoes don't fit, but also that the insoles don't fit. So a good pair of orthopedic EVA insoles is particularly important.

According to the Research Report of the American Association of foot and ankle orthopedics, the number of women who suffer from foot pain is about 9 times that of men. The reason for this is not only that the shoes don't fit, but also that the insoles don't fit. So a good pair of orthopedic EVA insoles is particularly important.

The size of our feet is less than 5% of the whole body, but when we walk, our feet need to bear 1.5 times the weight of our body, and at the same time we need to shoulder the work of pushing our body forward; when we run and jump, the pressure increases to 2-3 times, or even 4-4.5 times.

Wearing a pair of suitable shoes, or a pair of suitable orthopedic EVA insoles, not only protects the feet from injury, but also has a series of protective effects on the knee joint, hip joint or lower back. A pair of suitable orthopedic EVA insoles may also help you solve a series of problems, such as corns, sole pain, flat feet, and frequent sprain.

In fact, insoles are not less patterned than shoes. For ordinary people, if the shoes are too big or the soles are hard, it will hurt their feet when walking. It is recommended to pad a pair of cotton cloth or felt full pad, which can cushion the shock when walking, reduce the friction between the skin and the insoles, and make people walk more comfortable. Nowadays, many people don't like to pad insoles when they wear leather shoes. They are afraid of deforming the shoes. In fact, sweat will accelerate the aging of leather and make the soles stiff. Therefore, insoles must be padded in leather shoes, especially for those who sweat more and stink more seriously. It's better to use pure cotton insoles with better moisture absorption, active carbon insoles or sponge insoles processed by deodorization.

Those who suffer from metatarsal pain, flatfoot and heel pain can choose orthopedic EVA insoles with therapeutic purposes according to the situation.

People with metatarsal pain

It is suitable for semi cushions made of silica gel, which are placed under the forefoot. Silica gel has good elasticity, can play a good supporting role, buffer the pressure of the forefoot, and reduce local pain;

A person with flat feet or high arches

Under the guidance of doctors, special arch pads should be selected and placed under the medial arch of the foot, which can provide moderate support, cushion concussion, improve the pressure distribution of the foot bottom and relieve fatigue;

People who often wear flat shoes, have pain in the heel, have thin fat on the sole and need to do heavy physical work

A heel pad should be placed to help cushion the vibration during walking and change the pressure distribution of the heel;

People with degenerative diseases of lower limb joints

Under the guidance of doctors, wedge pads can be used to change the somersault or valgus of calcaneus, improve the load-bearing distribution of feet and protect joints.