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About the maintenance of prosthesis

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About the maintenance of prosthesis

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Many amputees will choose to install prostheses to assist their daily life. After long-term use, the prostheses should be maintained, so as to better extend the service life of the prostheses. The mai

Many amputees will choose to install prostheses to assist their daily life. After long-term use, the prostheses should be maintained, so as to better extend the service life of the prostheses. The maintenance of the prostheses should do the following:

1. Keep the surface of prosthesis receiving cavity clean. The receiving cavity is in direct contact with the skin. If the surface of the receiving cavity is not clean for a long time, it will increase the risk of infection of the stump. The user should clean the stump frequently, wipe the inner wall of the receiving cavity frequently, keep dry and clean.

2. The decorative coat of the prosthesis is easy to be damaged. When the user finds that there is a small damage, he will repair it, which can prolong the service life of the prosthesis.

3. When the prosthesis is used to receive the bushing in the cavity, it should be kept dry and clean as much as possible; when the prosthesis is used, it should prepare several more prostheses and replace the clean prosthesis every day.

4. The plastic parts in the prosthesis structure shall not contact with acid, alkali, high temperature, organic solvent and hard foreign matters to prevent corrosion, staining, dissolution and fracture

5. Pay attention to the cracks in the prosthetic socket. There will be small cracks on the surface of the resin receiving cavity, which may damage the skin of the stump. It should be solved by professionals.

6. In case of looseness and abnormality of joints and joints, timely inspection and maintenance shall be carried out.

7. For the electrical and precision mechanical system in the prosthesis structure, it is necessary to avoid dampness, impact and contamination, and regularly find professional personnel for inspection and maintenance.