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Characteristics of silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner

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Characteristics of silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner

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Prosthetic receptive cavity is the link between the stump and the prosthesis, which plays an important role in the prosthesis. It can suspend the prosthesis, contain the stump, and transmit the movement and force. The realization of these functions should stimulate the skin and muscle tissue of the stump. If not handled properly, it will cause discomfort and even limb damage to the amputee. Wearing the orthotics prosthesis inner liner can provide the amputee with a comfortable feeling, at the same time, it can effectively protect the muscle tissue, skin surface and help to suspend the receiving cavity.

Prosthetic receptive cavity is the link between the stump and the prosthesis, which plays an important role in the prosthesis. It can suspend the prosthesis, contain the stump, and transmit the movement and force. The realization of these functions should stimulate the skin and muscle tissue of the stump. If not handled properly, it will cause discomfort and even limb damage to the amputee. Wearing the orthotics prosthesis inner liner can provide the amputee with a comfortable feeling, at the same time, it can effectively protect the muscle tissue, skin surface and help to suspend the receiving cavity.

Silica gel is a kind of soft and durable material which can be made by different proportion. Its unique material performance function has buffering and shock absorption effect on the protruding part and sensitive part of bone. Its high elastic performance helps the disabled limb to contact and fix the shape comprehensively, and its high tear resistance also increases its durability. At first, silicone artificial limb liner products were only used for lower leg amputees. Now, upper leg amputees can enjoy it. The outstanding advantages of silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner products are as follows:

1. Comfort of orthotics prosthesis inner liner

The elasticity of the silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner makes it soft and tight to contain the stump, protect and stabilize the soft tissue of the stump, avoid the friction of the stump in the receiving cavity, reduce or even eliminate the local pressure, and provide a comfortable cushion for the sensitive area of the skin. Therefore, when walking, the friction and pressure on the skin surface can be obviously relieved, and the shear force can be transferred from the skin to the outer surface of the silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner, which reduces the pain and wear. This kind of flexible silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner will make the amputee feel very comfortable.


2. Reliable suspension

The rolling wearing method pulls the soft tissue of the residual limb into the silicone inner sleeve, which can wrap the whole surface of the residual limb gently to the greatest extent, so that the soft tissue can stabilize the end of the residual limb under the pulling of the silicone inner sleeve, reduce the friction between the residual limb and the receiving cavity when the traditional artificial limb is worn, so as to move the piston of the residual limb in the receiving cavity (the residual limb is in the receiving cavity It can effectively stabilize the soft tissue and distribute the pressure evenly on the stump.

The orthotics prosthesis inner liner sleeve with lock provides the most reliable suspension. By locking the silicone inner sleeve and the hard receiving cavity together, the amputee's sense of weight for the prosthesis is no longer like hanging and swinging. The reliable suspension lock does not need to be limited by the belt and the suspension device of the receiving cavity. It has a good appearance, and can reduce the energy consumed in the long-distance walking, improve the control of the residual limb on the artificial limb, and make the walking safer and more natural. At present, the latest iceros sealed silicone inner liner is another major breakthrough in the manufacturing of silicone inner liner technology. This unique and brand-new silicone inner liner with hypobaric low-pressure sealing ring can ensure the comfortable suspension of the residual limb in the receiving cavity without any other locking device. The suspension function is achieved by forming a vacuum suction between the silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner and the receiving cavity. The amputee can break through and take off the receiving cavity without restriction, without using the traction auxiliary device, the residual limb can walk when it is inserted into the receiving cavity, and the rotation of the residual limb in the receiving cavity can be eliminated. Without the limitation of the locking device, the sealing ring type silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner can improve the movement of the knee joint, make the lower limb amputee users more unrestricted and control the prosthesis more freely, thus having a more effective and natural gait. For amputees with long stumps, they can get rid of the trouble that they can't wear silicone inner liner because there is no lock installation space, and the prosthesis is more comfortable, reliable and beautiful. In the past, it was not important to change the shape of the stump, bone suspension and mouth shape. The receiving cavity of thigh and crus prosthesis is is developing towards insertion type, while "this insertion type" is not "that insertion type".

3. Protection

The silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner comfortably covers the surface of the whole stump, protects sensitive skin and scar tissue, promotes and improves blood circulation, reduces the skin friction caused by the hard edge of the receiving cavity, eliminates the swelling of the stump as soon as possible, promotes wound healing, reduces the atrophy of the stump muscle, prevents the remote skin traction, and keeps the stump in a healthy state.

4. Skin care

The inner liner of the silicone prosthesis is made of the medical grade environmental protection material silicone with low sensitivity, and the active skin ingredients are added, which can effectively moisturize the skin, form the protective film on the skin surface, play the role of softening the skin, relieving itching, preventing skin allergy and helping the skin metabolism, so as to make the residual limb more healthy. In a word, the use of silicone inner liner can reduce the physical consumption of amputees, increase the time, walking distance and activity level and range of wearing prosthesis, and improve the health of amputees.

Selection and precautions of silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner manufacturers make silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner into different standard specifications and models to meet the needs of different conditions of disabled limbs and activity levels, and the correct selection of silicone internal liner will bring the greatest benefits to amputees. The size of amputee's stump, the condition of soft tissue, the level of amputee's activity and the use of accessories should be considered in the selection of silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner.

1. Size selection

According to the measurement of the length of the stump and the length of the stump, the silicone liner of the prosthesis was selected. The wrong size can cause amputees to feel uncomfortable, sweat and reduce their ability to control the prosthesis.


2. Soft tissue of stump

There are different degrees of firmness in the stumps. Some are fleshy and some are bony. If the end of the stump is fleshy, the stable silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner can control the soft tissue more effectively. If there is more bone at the end of the stump, select the nursing silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner, which has a thicker liner to cover the protruding bone at the end of the stump.


3. Amputee activity level

Low intensity activity level refers to the use of auxiliary walking tools for daily activities, slow and stable walking, such as walking in the house, light walking in the community; medium intensity activity level refers to the daily activities are limited to ordinary walking, with the ability to change speed or walk at will, such as outsourcing, independent outdoor walking; high intensity activity level refers to the daily activities can be fast walking, slow walking Or up and down stairs, such as light handling work.


4. Silica gel prosthesis inner bush accessories

The standard silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner sleeve is designed to fit most of the shape of the stump end umbrella shaped barrel. When the shape of the amputee's stump is in the abnormal or irregular range, the stump and the silica gel silicone orthotics prosthesis inner liner cannot be contacted completely. At this time, appropriate accessories can be selected to match with the silica gel inner liner to achieve the shape coincidence. Umbrella shaped pads and half moon shaped pads can be selected for the stump end to be square, flat or tapered.

For the first time, there may be a lot of perspiration in the residual limb wearing silica gel inner liner. In most cases, after a period of adaptation and adjustment, it will decrease to disappear. There are slight differences in silica gel inner liner products produced by different manufacturers, about weeks to months. The perspiration of the residual limb is also related to the increase of activity, climate change, etc. Some silicone inner liners are easy to absorb body odor and sweat, requiring the wearer to have good hygiene habits and be diligent in cleaning. During the rest every night, after taking off the prosthesis, use a soft and tasteless lotion (about pH 5.5) to clean the residual limb and the silicone inner liner. It is better to apply the residual limb care solution to make it work all night. Before wearing again, the skin and the silicone inner liner should be dry and clean. If the skin shows signs of allergy, use alcohol or disinfectant to clean the inner layer of silica gel inner sleeve, and clean the residual limbs. Do not leave soap blocks on the skin to avoid skin irritation.

In the process of wearing silicone inner liner, amputees may encounter some skin problems, such as near end and far end blisters, cyst on the surface of skin, redness and swelling of patella, large area skin irritation, etc. The external factors are mostly mechanical friction, hydration, chemistry and heat, and the internal factors are mostly diseases, allergies, infections, etc. It is recommended to use a special cutter to trim the silicone inner sleeve into a wavy shape, apply some Vaseline or layer socks near the mouth ring, check the size selection of the silicone inner sleeve, the rolling wear mode and the use of supporting parts, and if necessary, replace the silicone inner sleeve with low viscosity to solve the problem.

3 The development trend of prosthetic pads

Besides silica gel, there are gel and polyurethane materials for the amputees. Many prosthetic products manufacturers have their own internal Bush products. When the standard internal Bush is unable to do anything, they can achieve the perfect contact between the residual limb and the internal bush through customization.

The development of limb liner products focuses on the more comfortable contact with the limb, making it lighter in weight, longer in service life, interchangeability (different activity levels use different inner liners in the same receiving cavity), adding active skin protection ingredients to moisturize and protect the skin, etc.