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Details of children's prosthesis assembly

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Details of children's prosthesis assembly

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For children with amputation, the first thing is psychological construction, because they are young and their physical and mental development is not mature, and the assembly of prosthesis can reduce t

For children with amputation, the first thing is psychological construction, because they are young and their physical and mental development is not mature, and the assembly of prosthesis can reduce the level of obstacles to children's physical and mental development. Therefore, children's prosthesis installation should be paid more attention. When children's prostheses are installed, the consideration of the price of the prostheses is far less than the quality and rehabilitation effect of the prostheses.

First of all, for the details of children's prostheses before installation:

1. After amputation, parents should try their best to keep the muscle strength training at the stump end and prevent atrophy.

2. It is necessary to equip appropriate prostheses according to their own conditions to assemble prostheses. If there is obvious discomfort, strong friction, obvious allergy of the stump, etc., it needs to be adjusted.

3. Children's prosthesis patients are in the running in period within 1-3 weeks after the prosthesis is is installed. At this time, attention should be paid to gradually increase the activity. Do not do too much exercise to prevent injuries to the disabled limbs.

4. Usually pay attention to the value of maintenance and clean, regular disinfection.

5. If it is a child's forearm amputation, over five years of age has a certain muscle strength, and can be equipped with an electromechanical hand. Mechanical and electrical hand has a certain weight. It can control the opening and closing of mechanical and electrical hand through forearm hand muscles, which is beneficial to the recovery and growth of children's stump end muscles.