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Development of orthotic ankle joint in China

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Development of orthotic ankle joint in China

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Orthotic ankle joint in has a long history in China. In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, more than 20 workshops for the production of orthopedic insoles and pathological shoes were gathered in Beijing, specializing in the production of foot orthotics products for the disabled revolutionary soldiers and the disabled.

Orthotic ankle joint in has a long history in China. In the early days of the founding of the people's Republic of China, more than 20 workshops for the production of orthopedic insoles and pathological shoes were gathered in Beijing, specializing in the production of foot orthotics products for the disabled revolutionary soldiers and the disabled.

At that time, the production technology was hand sewn on-line technology. The products were relatively solid and durable. With the passage of time, the new technicians were unwilling to engage in these hand-made products. The loss of technology, old style and many other reasons led to the gradual decline of the domestic foot accessories industry.

The history of orthotic ankle joint and accessories industry in developed countries in Europe and America is only more than 100 years, but the number of employees in foot orthotics and accessories industry is very developed, and the basic theoretical research and clinical practice of foot orthotics industry are booming.

In the domestic market, orthopedic shoes and orthotic insoles should be the main businesses of various enterprises. Affected by the complex causes of foot diseases, low prices and low profits, these businesses have been in a relatively weak state

In the United States, orthopedic insoles and orthopedic shoes are included in the social security. Every foot patient in need can get three pairs of orthopedic insoles and one pair of orthopedic shoes containing orthopedic insoles free of charge every year.

At present, foot accessories are self funded projects in China. Leaders at all levels are actively striving to integrate them into the social security system. In the near future, foot accessories will become a very popular project.

There are two ways to make customized orthopedic insoles, manual and mechanical. The corrective effect is related to the orthopedic prescription formulated by doctors and the orthopedic technical level of each manufacturer.

In foreign countries, the general orthotics ankle joint have no independent right of orthopedic prescription. They need to complete the production of orthopedic products according to the doctor's orthopedic prescription. The orthopedic technician needs about 3 years of training and practice, and only after passing the qualification examination can they obtain the qualification of foot orthotics.

The orthopedic insole is simple in appearance, but it actually contains a high technical content. A pair of personalized orthopedic insole may have multiple orthopedic functions at the same time, which can prevent foot ulcer and recurrence, reduce local plantar pressure, reduce the pain of ankle during walking, prevent foot deformity and improve foot function.

In foreign countries, a pair of personalized orthotic insoles can be sold to 2000-3000 yuan, while in China, the price of orthotic insoles is only a few hundred yuan, which seriously underestimates the technical value of orthotic insoles, resulting in orthopedic practitioners not putting their energy into technical learning and research, and failing to produce qualified products.

In recent years, with the rapid development of Internet medicine in China, foot orthotics and assistive devices have also received great attention. In orthopedic industry, multinational medical teams such as gowith and Footdisc are booming.

At the first International Conference on foot diseases and AIDS in China, a large number of orthopedic peers, doctors and scholars have academic exchanges with experts from developed countries in Europe and the United States, which indicates that foot orthopedics and AIDS in China have entered a new page.