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Function of upper limb orthotic prosthetic in china

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Function of upper limb orthotic prosthetic in china

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How do you do when you have a lot of elbow injuries, or when you have a lot of elbow injuries? What can be treated and alleviated? The following small series will recommend a very useful upper limb orthotic prosthetic in china for elbow joint injury, that is, adjustable elbow joint fixator, hoping to have some help for patients with elbow joint injury.

How do you do when you have a lot of elbow injuries, or when you have a lot of elbow injuries? What can be treated and alleviated? The following small series will recommend a very useful upper limb orthotic prosthetic in china for elbow joint injury, that is, adjustable elbow joint fixator, hoping to have some help for patients with elbow joint injury.

Adjustable elbow fixator is a kind of orthotic prosthetic in china, which is used to correct the elbow flexion contracture or extension contracture deformation, thus affecting the normal activity of the elbow. When the ligament of our elbow joint is sprained, when our elbow joint is loose or just had a fracture operation and is in recovery period, when the lower end of the humerus is fractured or misplaced, we should know how to use the elbow joint orthosis to help us do a good job in rehabilitation and later recovery management, that is to say, the elbow orthosis is mainly to ensure the elbow in the recovery period after the elbow injury There will be no flexion contracture or extension contracture, so the recovery is better.

The nursing of wearing scoliosis orthotic prosthetic in china mainly includes two aspects

Skin care

1. Wash the skin with neutral soap every day, and then wear orthosis after 15 minutes.

2. The red skin can be smeared with 70% alcohol or cleaned with warm water and dried with talcum powder. Do not use ointment or band aid.

3. If the skin is damaged and there is exudate, please ask a doctor for treatment, and then wear the orthosis after the skin is healed; if the skin is damaged repeatedly, the orthosis should be modified. It is normal for the skin color to deepen at the pressure area, and it will gradually recover after taking off the orthosis.

 Orthotic prosthetic in china care

1. Clean the orthoses with water and soap, then dry them with a towel.

2. The orthosis can be dried with a slightly heated electric blower. Care must be taken not to over heat the orthosis to deform it.

3. Do not modify or drill holes on the orthosis, so as not to reduce its strength and affect the correction effect.