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How does the contemporary of prosthesis leg price

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How does the contemporary of prosthesis leg price

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If you want to know the prosthesis leg price, you must know the components of prosthesis leg price. At present, the thigh prosthesis basically adopts the modular structure, and the whole thigh prosthesis is usually composed of six parts, including receiving cavity, knee joint, foot plate, connector, external decoration and other accessories. Their impact on the prosthesis leg price is as follows

If you want to know the prosthesis leg price, you must know the components of prosthesis leg price. At present, the thigh prosthesis basically adopts the modular structure, and the whole thigh prosthesis is usually composed of six parts, including receiving cavity, knee joint, foot plate, connector, external decoration and other accessories. Their impact on the prosthesis leg price is as follows:

1 Receptive cavity of prosthesis leg price:

There are many types of prosthetic socket of thigh prosthesis, and the choice of manufacturing technology and raw materials determines the price of prosthetic cavity at present, but now the cavity has little influence on the price of prosthetic, because there is no consumption habit of paying for technology in China. However, because the socket needs to be replaced at any time due to the change of the stump, the socket can be selected at the time of initial assembly, and the price is relatively lower. After the residual limb is stable, a better socket can be selected to improve the wearing comfort and prolong the service life of the socket.

2 Knee joint of prosthesis leg price:

The choice of knee joint is the most important factor affecting the price of thigh prosthesis. The choice of the knee joint should be within the acceptable range as far as possible. A good knee joint does not necessarily mean how fancy its function is, but more depends on the quality of the product itself. High quality joint function is stable, the failure rate is low, and the service life is long, because patients still have to pay the cost of time and transportation when repairing the prosthesis, which can greatly reduce the use cost of prosthesis.

3 Connector of prosthesis leg price:

Prosthetic connector can be divided into national standard connector and non-national standard connector according to the origin of prosthesis. During the initial assembly, the connector is ordered in complete set with knee joint and foot plate. However, in the later maintenance cost, if the connector needs to be replaced, the price of non GB connector is far higher than that of GB connector.

4 Foot board of prosthesis leg price:

The foot board is the second most important component to the price of thigh prosthesis. The selection of the foot plate is the same as that of the knee joint.

5 Exterior decoration of prosthesis leg price:

The effect of external decoration on the price of prosthetic limb is minimal. From the current point of view, there is not a lot of demand for replacing the external decoration, but some patients have certain requirements for the simulation degree of external decoration, so this kind of special external decoration needs to pay some extra expenses.

6 Other attachments of prosthesis leg price:

Some patients may need accessories such as stump sets to meet the needs of enhancing wearing comfort, because these accessories are not very fixed service life, and their impact on the price of thigh prosthesis is is mainly reflected in the long-term use cost.