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How to exercise just wearing a prosthesis

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How to exercise just wearing a prosthesis

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The quality of prosthesis installation is the standard for disabled friends to choose prosthesis factory. In fact, when you have a very consistent prosthesis, you can use it reasonably for a long time, which is closely related to your disabled friend.

The quality of prosthesis installation is the standard for disabled friends to choose prosthesis factory. In fact, when you have a very consistent prosthesis, you can use it reasonably for a long time, which is closely related to your disabled friend.

When starting to use the prosthesis, the disabled friends should be patient, persistent, not afraid of hardship, and use proper methods to make the prosthesis a part of their own body. There is a process for any prosthetic user to achieve natural gait and use freely: training mastery proficiency.

When friends with mutilated limbs come to the artificial limb factory for the first time and see many artificial hands, legs and even the whole artificial legs, they will be shocked and have a sense of fear. Some disabled young women will cry when they see this scene and think of their own mutilated limbs. This will produce certain psychological obstacles for the use of artificial limbs in the future. Only by gradually adapting, can we gradually eliminate the tension.

After getting a new prosthetic limb, the mood of the disabled will change greatly, creating a new hope. I can't let go of the prosthetic limb, but I still have doubts about whether I can use it well. The first step with the prosthesis felt floating and could not grasp the center of gravity. The reason for this phenomenon is that the disabled limb has not been used for walking for a long time, and the whole central nervous system movement memory of the brain still stores the signal of a sound leg walking mode, and there is no experience in how the disabled limb drives the prosthesis to walk. Therefore, when using the prosthesis for the first time, the mood should not be too impatient, the stride should be small, and at the same time, the weight of the prosthesis should be adapted to make it a part of the body.

The landing of the foot plate of the prosthesis is is different from that of the sound foot plate. When the healthy foot board lands, the ground is uneven. The sensory nerve end of the foot board is transmitted to the brain motor center by bioelectricity, and the brain immediately returns to command to adjust the position of the foot board. When the artificial leg foot board lands, the ground is uneven, and the brain can not get information directly, but can only rely on the indirect feeling of the residual limb, so the speed and sensitivity are much worse. Therefore, at the beginning of the exercise, when going upstairs or uphill, it is healthy Full leg or powerful artificial leg should go up first; on the contrary, artificial leg or weak leg should go down first.

For the first day of training, it's better not to exceed half a day. If you feel no pain, you can continue to practice the next day. When it is found that the load-bearing part is suffering from friction and pain, after the prosthesis is is removed, some cool oil should be applied to the pain part, such as skin abrasion, and non irritant drugs (ointment) should be used instead. After the swelling disappears, you can gradually increase the practice time and times.

During the training, indoor activities should be taken as the main part, and only when the prosthesis is is used, can outdoor exercises be carried out.