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Installation method of prosthetic leg

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Installation method of prosthetic leg

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When installing the prosthetic leg, there must be a professional physician to help install the prosthesis correctly. The patient also needs to master the correct wearing method and check whether the p

When installing the prosthetic leg, there must be a professional physician to help install the prosthesis correctly. The patient also needs to master the correct wearing method and check whether the prosthesis is installed correctly. Now, AOSUO prosthetics and orthotics Co., Ltd. will tell you something.

Installation method of lower limb prostheses:

1.The amputee sits (or stands) in a chair, spreads talcum powder or talcum powder on the stump and evenly distributes it.

2.Use smooth and thin silk to wrap the stump or easy to pull treasure (special set for prosthesis) on the stump. Note that the cloth and sock should be flat without wrinkles. The upper edge of the sock should cover the root of the thigh and the back should be covered with ischial tubercle.

3.Remove the negative pressure valve from the receiving chamber.

4.Place the far end of the wrap or sock into the receiving cavity.

5.Thread the far end of the cloth or sock through the hole of the valve hole.

6.Insert the stump into the receiving cavity.

7.Stand up, straighten the prosthesis, press one hand on the prosthesis to prevent the joint from bending, and pull the wrapping cloth out and down with the other hand. Pay attention to the skin feeling when pulling out the bag cloth. If you want to feel which side of the bag cloth around the stump is not enough, you can pull out more forcefully. In addition, if the knee joint of the healthy leg can do some flexion and extension when pulling the bag cloth, so that the residual limb can move up and down the piston in the receiving cavity (that is, the residual limb can move up and down), it is easier to completely pull the residual limb into the receiving cavity.

8.After all the cloths are pulled out, the tension of the skin around the upper edge of the receiving cavity can be adjusted properly, and then the negative pressure valve can be installed.