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Orthotic Velcro

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Orthotic Velcro

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Orthotic velcro is an essential component of prosthetic appliance. Instead of bandage, it can be used to bind and fix the trauma of head, face, chest, abdomen and limbs. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, firm fixation and cost saving, and can basically replace bandages. It is a practical and economic fixed object for the burn department, orthopedic surgery, industrial and mining trauma, and the first-aid dressing of wartime wounded.

Orthotic velcro is an essential component of prosthetic appliance. Instead of bandage, it can be used to bind and fix the trauma of head, face, chest, abdomen and limbs. The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, firm fixation and cost saving, and can basically replace bandages. It is a practical and economic fixed object for the burn department, orthopedic surgery, industrial and mining trauma, and the first-aid dressing of wartime wounded.

Orthopedic velcro is a kind of Velcro elastic bandage, which consists of head structure, chest back structure, abdomen waist structure, shoulder blade structure, buttock structure and four limbs structure. The bandage can meet the needs of wound or post operation bandage. The bandage method is simple and fixed.

After the lower limb amputation, the adjustable orthotic Velcro bandaging fixation belt includes the adjustable waist fixation belt, the adjustable waist fixation belt includes the waist fixation belt, the two free ends of the waist fixation belt are respectively connected with the waist fixation belt ring and the waist belt orthotic velcro, the waist fixation belt ring is corresponding to the waist belt orthotic velcro, and the movable belt ring is connected with the waist fixation belt, The movable band ring is connected with an adjustable one.

Orthopedic velcro special elastic sling

The so-called "sling" refers to a special sling with strong elasticity made of different elastic materials, such as rubber band, polyurethane fiber, Velcro fastener, cotton fabric belt and so on. "Congenital knee joint weakness" children wearing this elastic sling can help them balance their steps and avoid frequent wrestling injuries when walking. The elastic sling can also be connected with a special children's shoelace, so as to tightly bind the leg muscles. In western countries, elastic sling correction of children's knee joint is very popular. There are many types of elastic sling products on the market, such as special sling products for the treatment of children's foot, condyle, knee joint and femur and other bone diseases. But children must be guided by a professional physician to use such products. Because different orthopedic diseases can only use orthopedic elastic sling, otherwise, improper use will cause new harm to children.

Adjustable fixed orthosis of knee joint

Main materials of the product

It mainly uses high molecular medical polyethylene thermoplastic plate, rivet, pressure free pad, plastic buckle, Velcro, knee hinge, screw, etc.

Structural features

It is molded on a male mold by a polymer thermoplastic plate.

It has good adaptability, light weight, easy cleaning, sanitation, good air permeability, etc.

Orthotic velcro function:

Orthotic velcro strong prevention of lateral instability and hyperextension of the knee joint.

Orthotic velcro fixation of knee joint before and after operation. Injury of ACL, ACL and knee joint.

Orthotic velcro knee hyperextension and genu varus.

Orthotic velcro femur, knee joint, fracture fixation

Wearing instructions

Adjust of orthotic velcro.

gently lift the lower extremity on the affected side with one hand and put the orthosis on.

It is fixed and adjusted by orthotic velcro connection.

adjust the hinge to the angle or range of motion required by the doctor.

(the specific fitting installation and commissioning shall be carried out by a doctor or orthopedic technician)

matters needing attention

prevent the formation of bedsore in the fixed part, and the skin pressure shall not hinder the blood circulation.

Pay attention to the free loading of the protruding part of bone and joint.

When the orthotic velcro connection is fixed, the tightness shall be appropriate and not too large.

the wearing time of the orthosis is determined by the doctor according to the condition.


people who are allergic to polyethylene materials.

people whose skin cannot tolerate stress.

severe deformity of lower extremity is prohibited.

Product maintenance and maintenance methods

do not close to high temperature.

Keep the supports dry.

There shall be no foreign matters on the wool and thorn surface of Velcro to avoid affecting the adhesion. If the adhesion is not firm, it shall be replaced.