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Orthotic prosthetic

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Orthotic prosthetic

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Orthotics, also known as braces, is an in vitro device used for limbs or other parts to prevent and correct deformities, treat bone, joint, nerve and muscle diseases and compensate for their functions

Orthotics, also known as braces, is an in vitro device used for limbs or other parts to prevent and correct deformities, treat bone, joint, nerve and muscle diseases and compensate for their functions. Do you know the basic functions of orthotics? If you are interested, let's learn about it together~

A. Orthotic prosthetic stability - support, that is, by limiting abnormal movement to maintain the stability of the joint to restore the bearing capacity of the limb.

B. Orthotic prosthetic motorization ---- to compensate for muscle function by means of some device (such as spring, rubber or other external force sources, so that paralyzed muscles can move).

C. Orthotic prosthetic correction ---- correction of limb deformity or prevention of deformity aggravation by force.

D. Orthotic prosthetic protection: through the protection of the diseased limb, it can maintain the normal alignment relationship to promote the healing of the diseased limb.

Orthotics have the characteristics of simple structure, portability, durability, safety and reliability, no tenderness or other adverse side effects, and are accepted by us. What are the therapeutic effects of orthotics? Let's have a look~

A. Fix the diseased limbs, achieve the muscle spasm of pain relieving link and promote the anti-inflammatory or fracture healing.

B. Limit abnormal joint movement to improve function.

C. Correction of deformity or prevention of acute occurrence or aggravation

D. Reduce the local weight of the limb, promote the healing of the disease.

E. Help patients with limb dysfunction to exercise muscles to recover part of their self-care and work ability.

F. In most cases, the above effects can be used in combination.

What are the advantages of using prosthetic appliances? For many friends who have just come into contact with the prosthetic appliances, they have questions in this regard. Let's introduce them briefly.

The prosthetic appliance can prevent some complications, make patients suffer less pain, and reduce the cost of taking medicine in hospital; Prosthetic appliance can also increase the ability of daily life of patients, including the ability of self-care of body life and the ability of using daily life tools; prosthetic appliance can also help patients to carry out normal social activities, make patients contact, communicate, talk with people outside, and bring help for the recovery of social functions of patients.