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Precautions for children when installing prostheses

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Precautions for children when installing prostheses

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Prosthetic limbs are fitted to children more often than to adults. After all, children are still young, the installation needs to be related to the later development of the problem, which is a very im

Prosthetic limbs are fitted to children more often than to adults. After all, children are still young, the installation needs to be related to the later development of the problem, which is a very important issue, can not be delayed by the installation of prostheses and the child's development, so parents must pay attention. What matters should be paid attention to when installing children's prostheses and what matters should be paid attention to in the later wearing process.

1, when installing leg prosthesis to children, must consider developmental problems, such as residual side body development is slow, choose prosthetic just right, usually six months or one year is short, so try to choose the structure is easy to change the length of the prosthesis, prosthesis when installation can be a bit longer, temporarily in the first step higher, as the healthy limb long again after removed.

2. For children who are fitted with a leg prosthesis, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the skeletal growth of the residual limb is faster than the skin of the residual limb, which may cause the skin to break through, and more likely to cause skin injury or puncture at the bone tip. Face these children should often use both hands to push down or pull the stump skin, so that the stump skin becomes longer and looser.

3, when children install upper limb prosthesis, if the upper limb prosthetic children are double upper limb amputation children, must be as soon as possible assembly function better artificial hand to restore independent living, learning ability, otherwise not only will physical dysplasia, and will lead to poor intellectual development.

4. In terms of the selection of children's assembly types, some parents have a big misunderstanding, thinking that the children will be equipped with functional artificial limbs after their growth and development to adulthood. In particular, it is pointed out here that this view is caused by the lack of understanding of prosthetic assembly and the role of artificial limbs.

Lower limb amputation, children with prosthesis assembly and applications, the residual side body growth was slower than that, the length of the suitable prosthesis, half year or one year is short, is to just can even choose the structure easy to change the length of the prosthesis, assembly time can make a longer prosthesis, temporarily in the first step higher, healthy limb long minus in the future. The child that pair of leg amputation wants to notice its remnant limb skeletal development is faster than remnant limb skin, sometimes can break the skin, a bone outside remnant limb develops faster than a bone inside, more easily cause the skin of bone tip to be damaged or break through. If children often use their hands to push down or pull the skin of the stump, making the skin of the stump longer and looser, delaying the time of reamputation; Also pay attention to the accurate alignment in the device.

When the child carries on the matters needing attention when installing artificial limb and the condition of assembling, when carrying on the choice artificial limb, should go to a few manufacturers to undertake consultation more, see which manufacturer is more appropriate. Remind everyone not to install the highest price, must choose the right, after all, children are still small to avoid the installation of artificial limb affected the later child development problems, so when the installation to the professional installation of artificial limb rehabilitation center for installation.