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Prosthetic Foot Carbon

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Prosthetic Foot Carbon

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We ,Shijiazhuang Aosuo company provide Prosthetic foot carbon for amputee.

The advantages of the carbon fiber:

The carbon fiber foot plate is a part of the function that replaces the human foot. The quality of the foot plate has a direct impact on the energy consumed by the user's exercise. The traditional foot plate is the SACH foot AND dynamic foot. In the user's choice, give full consideration to meet the user's requirements.

1. The flexural strength of carbon fiber at 1300-1500Mpa, tensile strength 3500-4900Mpa. From these data, carbon fiber can be well into the body's weight.

2. The anti-fatigue performance of carbon fiber is good. Under the long-term load, cracks will appear, and the deformation of carbon fiber will sharpen the crack and thus reduce the fission. In the load, if the filament breaks, then the load will be quickly transferred to the broken filament, will not cause damage in a short time.

Carbon fiber material density, light weight. When users walk more light and quick.

We have high ankle and low ankle foot for you to choose. Contacting us to solve your problems.