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Prosthetic Foot and Ankle Cost

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Prosthetic Foot and Ankle Cost

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Polyurethane prosthetic foot:
Polyurethane prostheses are divided into static ankle prostheses, double-hole moving ankle prostheses and single-hole moving ankle prostheses
Material: Polyurethane
The choice of prosthetic foot can be based on the patient's own needs.
Model: 12cm-30cm
The new polyurethane artificial foot is composed of a wooden foot core and a foot body. The rear of the wooden foot core is provided with a buffer seat, a connection hole is in the middle, and a lining belt is fixed by a shoe nail under the front end. The core is wrapped inside, the foot body has a nut groove opposite the connection hole, and an ankle body cavity. The prosthetic foot has increased the stability and strength of the forefoot due to the addition of the lining. , Can make the disabled use increase comfort and stability.
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