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Prosthetic ankle joint replacement

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Prosthetic ankle joint replacement

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Ankle joint replacement is a kind of treatment method which uses prosthetic ankle joint to replace the diseased joint surface to achieve painless and keep the degree of motion. Worldwide, due to the c

Ankle joint replacement is a kind of treatment method which uses prosthetic ankle joint to replace the diseased joint surface to achieve painless and keep the degree of motion. Worldwide, due to the continuous improvement of prosthetic ankle joint and the continuous improvement of doctors' surgical technology, prosthetic ankle joint replacement has become a good choice for the treatment of ankle osteoarthritis.

Is the prosthetic ankle joint replacement safe?

The prosthetic ankle joint replacement is not a new technology. It has a history of more than 30 years in the world. From the earliest prosthetic ankle joint to the current third generation prosthetic ankle joint, the technical and design problems in prosthetic ankle joint replacement have been greatly reduced The joint consists of three parts, including talus prosthesis, tibial prosthesis and sliding nucleus. The three-part prosthesis can simulate the stress movement of ankle joint in human body. Compared with other prosthetic ankle joint, it has some advantages in design.

Before the maturity of prosthetic ankle joint replacement, ankle arthrodesis can only be used for the treatment of ankle pain caused by ankle pain, deformity, osteoarthritis and other conditions that affect the function of joint activity. Ankle fusion is still one of the standard methods for the treatment of serious ankle diseases, but this situation, with the maturity of prosthetic ankle joint replacement technology, has begun to change.

Prosthetic ankle joint replacement can keep ankle joint mobility and improve the quality of life of patients. After prosthetic ankle joint replacement, patients can usually reach a painless joint, and can participate in daily activities and social activities, as well as some light physical leisure activities. Not all people can carry out prosthetic ankle joint replacement. The operation itself is safe and mature.

The problem of prosthetic ankle joint replacement

At present, the application of ankle joint in China is mainly limited in technology and economy. In addition, the patient's activity cannot be too large after the prosthetic ankle joint replacement. Because of the large stress of prosthetic ankle joint, the patients with physical labor are easy to cause prosthetic fatigue, and the life of prosthetic ankle joint becomes shorter. Such patients are not suitable for prosthetic ankle joint replacement. For patients with special requirements, ankle fusion may be a better choice.

Prosthetic ankle joint replacement can not be used in patients with severe lower extremity force line abnormality or with severe deformity. Severe genu varus or valgus, hind foot varus or ankle joint force imbalance can not be replaced. Prosthetic ankle joint replacement is also not allowed for patients with lower extremity neurovascular diseases, severe post fracture deformities, and other patients with poor general conditions.