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The importance of foot orthotics

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The importance of foot orthotics

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If you have flat feet, do you need orthotics? The answer is: “Yes and no!” If you have never had an arch to your foot, and your feet cause you no pain, there is no need to correct or support them (beyond simply wearing properly fitted shoes). If your arch is fallen, that is a different condition, and you may very well need over-the-counter (OTC) or custom orthotics to provide extra support.
It’s important to choose the right type of orthotics with a proper fit. If you fail to do so, you may end up making your problem worse instead of better because a poorly fitted insert can negatively affect your gait and cause a variety of skeletal alignment problems.
If you have a diagnosis, naturally you would look for shoe liners that are designed to address your specific problem. Be sure to double-check the sizes and buy a size that coincides with your shoe size. Look for those that can be trimmed for perfect fit. 
You should also purchase insoles that are designed for your gender. This makes a difference in the fit of the insole in your shoe and the way that the orthotic device supports and balances your foot, ankles, legs and hips. Men and women are simply built and aligned differently.
Choosing high quality, supportive footwear may eliminate the need for shoe inserts. If you have good shoes and still feel the need for more support, you may need to add OTC or custom orthotics. If you have genuine flat feet and you are experiencing pain, it’s important that you wear properly fitted shoes
Remember that your feet are the foundation of your body
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