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The process of using prosthetic orthosis

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The process of using prosthetic orthosis

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Some suggestions and procedures for friends wearing prosthetic orthosis:

Some suggestions and procedures for friends wearing prosthetic orthosis:


  1. First of all, check the general condition, medical history and physique of the patient, pay attention to the range of joint activity and muscle strength of the position where the orthosis is worn, and whether the orthosis has been used or not.
  2. The purpose, requirement, variety, material, fixed range, posture, distribution of force and use time should be stated on orthosis.
  3. Before treatment, it is mainly to strengthen muscle strength, improve the range of joint activity, improve coordination ability, and create conditions for the use of orthotics.
  4. Orthopedic custom design includes design, measurement, drawing, drawing, manufacturing and assembly procedures.
  5. Conduct formal training and use of orthosis before use, try (preliminary inspection), understand the requirements of orthosis, whether the comfort and circuit are correct, whether the power device is reliable, and adjust accordingly. Then, teach the patient how to wear an orthosis, how to put an orthosis and perform certain functional activities. After training, check whether the assembly of the orthosis conforms to the biomechanical principle, whether it achieves the expected purpose and effect, and understand the feeling and reaction of the patients after using the orthosis, which is called the final examination. The final examination can be delivered to patients for official use. For those patients who need to use orthotics for a long time, they should be followed up every 3 months or half a year to understand the impact of the use of orthotics and the changes of patients' condition, and modify and adjust if necessary.

The above is the use process of prosthetics and orthotics introduced for you. You should pay attention to these processes for your own health and safety