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Three points of attention in the use of lower limb prosthesis

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Three points of attention in the use of lower limb prosthesis

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Lower limb prosthesis is specially designed for patients with lower limb disability. With it, patients can walk without crutches. Of course, when using lower limb prosthesis, there are three points to

Lower limb prosthesis is specially designed for patients with lower limb disability. With it, patients can walk without crutches. Of course, when using lower limb prosthesis, there are three points to pay attention to.

First, clean and care the prosthesis

This is the same as cleaning and drying the remaining limbs before going to bed every night (Note: it is not suitable for cleaning in the morning), please pay attention to check whether the remaining limbs are bruised or discolored, and the residual limb cover should be replaced at least once a day, and the residual limb should be replaced more frequently when sweating.

Second, pay attention to adapt to the receiving cavity

Special attention should be paid to changing the skin color and pain of leg ligaments. If obvious pain and abnormal skin redness are found, the receiving cavity should be repaired immediately, otherwise the skin will be damaged. If there is a gap at the lower end of the thigh suction cavity, it is easy to cause the skin at the end of the residual limb to become hard and black. The skin condition can only be changed by making the residual limb completely contact with the receiving cavity.

Third, pay attention to the scar of the residual limb

If the skin sticks to the bone of the leg, if the scar sticks to the bone, the skin will not move, the scar is easy to be scratched, and it is difficult to cure the injury after extraction. In this regard, special attention should be paid to the adaptability of materials used in cavities and soft liners, and sometimes cosmetic and skin grafting are required to ensure skin movement.

The above three points are the points that should be paid attention to when using the lower limb prosthesis. I hope they can help you.