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What are the functions of limb orthoses

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What are the functions of limb orthoses

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Limb orthoses are specially designed for children. Before their bones are fully developed, they can be used for rehabilitation and correction of abnormal posture. What are the functions of limb orthos

Limb orthoses are specially designed for children. Before their bones are fully developed, they can be used for rehabilitation and correction of abnormal posture. What are the functions of limb orthoses?

1. Limb orthoses increase stability

When the stability of internal factors is not enough, orthoses can be used as external factors to maintain stability by limiting abnormal movement, increasing the support area, increasing the stability of lying, sitting and standing positions, and providing the stability of walking support period. In order to fix the joint and load the weight.

2. The assistance of the development of limb orthoses

Improve the ability to sit, stand and walk by assisting affected limbs to assist in the development of exercise.

3. Limb orthosis helps special children's personality development

The intervention of orthosis is helpful for children with cerebral palsy to correct abnormal posture, promote development, obtain the function of children with limited movement, promote them to participate in social communication better, help to cultivate their personality and make them more lively and cheerful.

4. Prevention and correction of deformation contracture with limb orthosis

The deformation of limbs is to correct or prevent the increase of deformation through the action of force.

5. Limb orthoses to compensate for loss

Supporting children must retain residual functions to improve their ability to take care of themselves, study, work and play.

The above is about the introduction of orthotics. For disabled patients, prostheses and orthotics are very important. Therefore, care must be taken during use to avoid wearing.