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What is adjustable knee orthosis

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What is adjustable knee orthosis

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Adjustable knee orthosis is composed of high quality flannelette, adhesive cloth, sponge, adjustable knee hinge, fastener and plastic ring. According to the clinical experience of experts, combined with the actual needs of patients, it is a special orthopedic fixator for knee joint treatment and recovery. The upper and lower sections of flannelette make it more convenient for users to wear. The adjustable knee hinge bracket is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which ensures the strength of product support. The adjustable dial is made of ABS engineering plastic. The number of dial is raised to make the adjustment number more obvious. There are adjustment buttons on both sides of the dial, which can adjust the angle from 0 ° - 180 ° at will, and the adjustment angle only takes a few seconds.

Adjustable knee orthosis is composed of high quality flannelette, adhesive cloth, sponge, adjustable knee hinge, fastener and plastic ring. According to the clinical experience of experts, combined with the actual needs of patients, it is a special orthopedic fixator for knee joint treatment and recovery. The upper and lower sections of flannelette make it more convenient for users to wear. The adjustable knee hinge bracket is made of high-strength aluminum alloy material, which ensures the strength of product support. The adjustable dial is made of ABS engineering plastic. The number of dial is raised to make the adjustment number more obvious. There are adjustment buttons on both sides of the dial, which can adjust the angle from 0 ° - 180 ° at will, and the adjustment angle only takes a few seconds.

Product category: medical orthopedic appliance

Product Name: adjustable knee orthosis

Product specification: adult large, medium and small sizes (left and right)

Scope of application:

It is mainly used for fracture around knee joint, soft tissue damage, patella fracture, dislocation, meniscus damage, muscle strength, spasm, arthritis, knee flexion, ligament damage or repair and fixation. It is suitable for postoperative rehabilitation needs, ligament and cruciate ligament injury.

Performance features:

The product can adjust the limit fixation freely between 0 ° - 180 ° to meet the rehabilitation needs after operation. It can provide support, fixation, functional activity exercise, load and other functions. It only takes a few seconds to adjust the angle, which is simple, convenient and easy to operate, greatly saving operation time and improving work efficiency.


1. The fixation belt at the upper end of the adjustable knee orthosis is fixed at the thigh above the knee joint. The lower leg fixation belt of the knee orthosis is fixed at the lower leg.

2. After fixing the thigh fixing belt and the calf fixing belt, the adjustable knee joint hinge is connected and fixed with the thigh fixing belt and the calf fixing belt.

3. Fix the adhesive buckle belt symmetrically with the fixing belt at both ends through the plastic ring.

4. Adjust the dial scale to a proper angle.


1、 There was no obvious mass on the skin;

2. Bleeding tendency (thrombocytopenia, leukemia);

3. The skin in the affected area eventually breaks and ulcers.

Adjustable knee orthosis is suitable for the immobilization and rehabilitation of multiple knee joint injuries, such as non displaced knee joint fracture, internal fixation of peri knee fracture, traumatic knee synovitis, synovium of knee joint, meniscus injury and suture, cruciate ligament and collateral ligament injury, soft tissue injury of knee joint, etc.