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What is the function of orthopedic insole

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What is the function of orthopedic insole

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The purpose of treatment of foot rheumatoid arthritis is to relieve pain, prevent deformity, correct deformity, restore and preserve function. The simple definition of orthopedic insole is a kind of mat which can correct and adjust the walking posture when placed in the shoes. It is a kind of mat with longitudinal arch supporting function designed and developed through the research on the biomechanics of the sole of the foot and the changes of the biological force line caused by foot lesions.

The purpose of treatment of foot rheumatoid arthritis is to relieve pain, prevent deformity, correct deformity, restore and preserve function. The simple definition of orthopedic insole is a kind of mat which can correct and adjust the walking posture when placed in the shoes. It is a kind of mat with longitudinal arch supporting function designed and developed through the research on the biomechanics of the sole of the foot and the changes of the biological force line caused by foot lesions.

Orthotic insole can correct and improve walking gait and posture by supporting the arch of the foot. According to its function and different materials, orthotic insole can be divided into hard, soft and semi hard orthotic insoles.

The design of rigid orthotic pad is mainly to control foot function. Its material texture is mainly made of plastic and carbon fiber, which can be used in various shoes. According to the length of hard insole, it can be divided into two kinds: one is full-length, that is, from heel to toe; the other is 3 / 4 length, which is made according to different problems of foot.

The design of hard insole will not deform generally, in addition, it is not easy to damage due to the selection of materials. The function of hard insole is to control the movement of joints to achieve the therapeutic effect on foot diseases. It mainly controls two joints of the foot, one is the ankle joint. Through the supporting function of the arch of the foot, it can improve the non parallel force of the ankle joint, increase its stability and reduce the trauma of the ankle joint; the other is it can control the movement function of the small tarsal joint, reduce its strain and prevent the occurrence of traumatic inflammation. In addition, the sprain and pain of the lower extremity are often caused by the change of the biological force line of the lower extremity caused by the abnormal function of the foot. In this case, the correction insole can eliminate these symptoms by improving the biological force line of the lower extremity.

The soft orthotic pad is usually made of soft and compressible materials, and can adapt to the foot shape at any time during the activity without any pressure on the foot.

Any good cushion design can better adapt to the foot shape. It can absorb shock, increase balance, buffer the pressure of load, and relieve the pressure caused by strenuous exercise. In addition, it can reduce the concentrated force on the sole at a certain point. The disadvantage of soft orthotic pad is that it is easy to compress, deform and wear, so it must be replaced regularly. Because it can be compressed, it can be applied to all kinds of shoes, providing more space for toes to move.

The semi-rigid orthotic pad can provide a good dynamic balance for the foot during movement and walking. This kind of insole not only has a very good arch supporting function, but also can make the foot in the normal functional position, so that the muscles and tendons can better play their sports role, and can well adapt to the foot shape, without causing any pressure to the foot. This kind of semi-rigid correction insole not only has a certain function, but also has a good protective effect on the foot.