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What should be paid attention to when installing leg prosthetic orthosis

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What should be paid attention to when installing leg prosthetic orthosis

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The emergence of artificial limb is a happy thing for amputees, which helps amputees solve many life problems. After installing the prosthesis, you can walk by yourself without using a wheelchair. The

The emergence of artificial limb is a happy thing for amputees, which helps amputees solve many life problems. After installing the prosthesis, you can walk by yourself without using a wheelchair. Therefore, it is very important for amputees to install a suitable prosthesis, and there are a lot of precautions when wearing the prosthesis to avoid the injury of the residual limb again. What should be paid attention to when installing leg prosthetic orthosis

1. After installing the leg prosthetic orthosis , we should insist on the cleaning and nursing of the stump

Every night before going to bed, it is necessary to clean and dry the residual limb carefully. The patient must pay attention to that: it is not suitable to clean the artificial limb in the morning, and check whether there is scratch, damage, discoloration and other conditions at the residual limb, so as to avoid greater damage. The stump cover needs to be replaced at least once a day, and more frequently when sweating.

2. Attention should be paid to the adaptation of the prosthetic receiving cavity after the installation of the leg prosthetic orthosis

Patients should always pay attention to the skin color and damage of the weight bearing part of the patellar ligament in the leg bearing cavity. If there is obvious pain and abnormal redness of the skin, it is necessary to repair the receiving cavity immediately, otherwise it will cause great damage to the skin. There is a gap at the lower end of the thigh recruitment cavity, which often causes the skin at the end of the stump to become hard and black. In case of this, it is necessary to thoroughly touch the remaining limbs with the receiving cavity to improve the damage to the skin.

3. It is necessary to pay attention to the adhesion scar of the residual limb after installing the leg prosthetic orthosis

The skin is attached to the bone of the leg, and the scar of the stump is on the bone. Improper use will lead to skin abrasion, scar will also be scratched, and the wound is very difficult to heal. Zhongkang prosthetic appliance introduces that in this respect, we should pay attention to cavity adaptation, materials used in soft bushes, sometimes in order to better skin movement, we need to carry out simple plastic surgery and skin transplantation.

Through the introduction of the above content, you can understand the precautions for the installation of leg prosthetic orthosis. After installing the prosthesis, if you want to walk normally, you need a rehabilitation training process. The patient must have patience and correct use methods.