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orthotic ankle joint plate

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orthotic ankle joint plate

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The orthotic ankle joint plate is used to correct the deformity of foot such as varus or valgus, and the foot deformation of women who often wear high-heeled shoes. The existing orthotic ankle joint plate is usually through a pedal with adjustable angle. The foot of human body is treaded on the pedal, and the foot is corrected by the gravity of human body. However, the pedal of the orthotic plate is fixed, and it is easy for the human body to get tired quickly when treading on it, resulting in the inability to train for a long time. Moreover, because the foot pressure is not released, it is easy to get worse when the disease is not cured. Orthotic ankle joint plate, set the pedal to be movable, not only relieves foot fatigue, but also has better therapeutic effect.

The orthotic ankle joint plate is used to correct the deformity of foot such as varus or valgus, and the foot deformation of women who often wear high-heeled shoes. The existing orthotic ankle joint plate is usually through a pedal with adjustable angle. The foot of human body is treaded on the pedal, and the foot is corrected by the gravity of human body. However, the pedal of the orthotic plate is fixed, and it is easy for the human body to get tired quickly when treading on it, resulting in the inability to train for a long time. Moreover, because the foot pressure is not released, it is easy to get worse when the disease is not cured. Orthotic ankle joint plate, set the pedal to be movable, not only relieves foot fatigue, but also has better therapeutic effect.

The orthotic ankle joint plate includes a frame and a pedal, the pedal is a pair, the tail of a pair of pedals are respectively rotated and connected on the pedal frame, the bottom of the pedal is respectively equipped with cams, two cams are fixed on the same transmission shaft, and the transmission shaft is connected with a reducer.

By adopting the above technical scheme, the two pedals swing up and down under the action of their respective bottom cams, so that the human foot can make a certain range of motion subsequently, which can relieve the fatigue and cramp caused by the long-term maintenance of the same state of the foot; at the same time, it accelerates the blood circulation of the part, promotes cell activity, and has a better promoting effect on treatment.

Long term use of orthotic ankle joint plate can improve:

1. Foot drooping, pronation, valgus, splay:

2. Ankle joint deformation and abnormality caused by hemiplegia, paraplegia and cerebral palsy in children

3. Neck, shoulder, back, lumbosacral and gluteal leg discomfort:

4. Pelvic abduction (pelvic askew):

5. Compression of the lateral Gulf and nerves of the spine:

6. Adjust bad posture such as distorted and tilted spine:

7. Spine related diseases (visceral diseases caused by spine or muscle)

Orthotic ankle joint plate usage method:

Correct posture and prevent deformity.

It is used for patients with abnormal ankle muscle control due to hemiplegia; the user takes a standing position, leans against the wall or hands to hold the handrail, steps on the ankle joint correction plate, and forces the ankle joint to maintain an abnormal position under the effect of his own weight.

Standing training.

For patients with standing dysfunction, ankle joint correction plate can be used to maintain standing position for standing function training.